The Organics Story

Double D Farms is proud to be a family, woman and minority owned business, run by agricultural entrepreneur, Elvia Devine. One of the first females to lead a wholesale organic produce company, Elvia has dedicated her career to the agricultural sector, having co-founded the successful Double D Farms, a conventional produce company which began life as an almond grower in 1986.

Double D Farms started growing organically in the early 1990s, as Don and Elvia Devine explored the burgeoning organic movement. Double D Farms was the natural result of this new focus, and today the Double D Farms represents all of organic and conventional commodities.

A grower, packer, shipper and advocate for sustainable, innovative organic stewardship, Elvia moved to the USA from Mexico as a 14-year-old child. Today, Double D Farms employs more than 500 people in California, Sonora, and Baja and exists as the realization of Elvia’s vision.

Agriculture remains one of the few male-dominated industries in the USA, but, Elvia’s passion for great tasting, sustainable produce and her strategic vision for Double D Farms has seen her take a hands-on role across each stage of the business’ operations. From picking to packing and shipping, she is unerringly committed to growing the amount of organic food produced in the USA and stocked by retailers around the world, giving everyone access to produce grown in a healthier and more sustainable manner.

Don and Elvia Devine
We Grow All Organic

Double D Farms is proud to be Primus GFSI Certified and CCOF Certified. Our organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation, reduce pollution and provide healthy, chemical-free food.

We do not use conventional methods to fertilize, control weeds or prevent diseases on organic produce. We invest in alternative, sustainable stewardship and use methods which prioritize your health and our environment. Growing organically is our passion and discovering new best practices is second nature.

From fields to cooler

The story starts with optimal hydration and top nutrients, and ends with strict quality control processes and stringent food hygiene.

Double D Farms controls each phase of the growing, harvesting, packing and delivery cycle. Because all of our produce is hand-picked and packaged, we’re able to maintain the strictest quality controls and exacting food safety standards, all overseen by a dedicated quality assurance team. We’re committed to delivering the freshest, highest quality produce, full of flavor, nutrients and goodness.

Grower: We grow all organic foods
Packer: We pack all materials onsite
Shipper: We ship directly to stores
All Products
Growing Regions

Double D Farms produce is grown seasonally in the fertile soils of California and Sonara, Mexico. We are CCOF-certified and voluntarily use Primus Labs Testing to regulate the quality and safety of our products in line with our vision. All Double D Farms produce grown in Mexico exceeds the food safety standards required in the United States.

United States of America
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