The Brands

The roots of Double D Farms stretch back to the 1990s, when founder Elvia Devine harnessed her growing passion for organic methods to form Double D Farms. Originally from Michoacan, Mexico Elvia immigrated to the United States at the age of 14 and today grows organic fruit and vegetables in both the USA and Mexico, helped by a dedicated team of 500 individuals.

Double D Farms is committed to serving with integrity, producing the highest quality organic fruit and vegetables to exacting standards and delivering the freshest in-season produce to clients across the USA and Latin America.

Central to the Double D Farms culture is Elvia’s unwavering enthusiasm for organic methods and produce. Agriculture may be one of the last remaining male-dominated industries, but for the female owned and managed Double D Farms, Elvia Devine bucks this trend. Elvia is hands-on, picking, packing and shipping to ensure all Double D Farms fruit and vegetables meets and exceeds food safety standards.

Elvia’s passion for organic cultivation means Double D Farms is constantly striving to discover new methods of sustainable stewardship, making healthier choices for the body and the environment second nature.

Founded in 1986 by Don and Elvia Devine, Double D Farms is known for its commitment to delivering the freshest and highest quality products. It served as the inspiration for Double D Farms, with Double D Farm’s early interest in organic cultivation.

Double D Farms conventional produce line includes asparagus, blueberries and dry onions. These products are grown using traditional farming methods, held to the exacting standards that have come to be synonymous with the Double D Farms brand.

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